Purple Heart Dangle

Dance a full square tip with a minimum of any combination of three (or more) callers or cuers. (Please, no tapping in or out!)


Our Friendship Dangle Gets a New Look…

Bright yellow with black letters boasting Friendship Hands Across COCDC. Dancers can earn this dangle by attending a club dance at all member clubs* during a one-year period. Spread the Friendship of Western Square Dancing throughout Central Ohio!

(On the list of clubs, look for this symbol. These are all the clubs you’ll need to dance with to be eligible for the Friendship Dangle.)

When you attend a dance, a club officer will fill in the form below for you to record your presence at the dance.

Once you’ve danced at all of the clubs within a year*, contact Lynn LeMaster, and let her know you’re eligible. We’ll check all the registrations and go from there!


* Bucks and Does, Dixie Squares, Friendly Ties, Grove City Western Squares, Hi-Timers, Hicks and Chicks, Johnny Appleseed’s, Little Brown Jugs, Maple Leaf Squares, Orbiting Squares, and Westerville Promenaders.